Big V's Dog Foods

Old Ruff is a 21% protein and 10% fat food. Pro-Fat is our best seller, and we stock a 22% protein, 12% fat and a 28% Protein, 12% fat food.

Diamond Pet Foods

Our stock of Diamond pet food includes dog and cat foods, also the premium edge line, and the Pacific Stream line which has Salmon or Bison for protein and is grain free.

Show Feeds

We are a dealer for Showrite and Moormans show feeds. Our best sellers are in the show pig and show goat line.

Purina Feeds

We are a purina dealer and stock horse feeds, deer and goat minerals, Purina calf and kid milk replacers.

Moorman Minerals and Feeds

We also stock Moorman products, which includes minerals, protein tubs, show feeds and milk replacer.